Please delete a screenshot containing
information about me!

Please write to

I don’t want to be part of the performance.
Nevertheless I would like to call you…

Please call the landline number in my studio.
The number can be found on my homepage.

Why did you start on June 29?

It was the iPhone’s fifth anniversary.
Counting from the day of release.

Why do you use an iPhone?

It had to be one of the most influential and most common smart phones…
And it is the mobile phone I usually use :)

Will you update to iOS 6 during the performance?


Why don’t you answer my calls?

Sorry, I do not answer each call.

Is the performance “live”?

The screenshots are transfered as quickly as network connection allows. When on a Wi-Fi nertwork, it usually takes about one minute until the latest screen shows up on this site. On 3G it takes longer, of course. In case there is no network connection available, the transfer of unpublished screenshots is delayed until network connection is available.

I noticed that not all screen show up on Twitter

Yes, the Twitter API only allows a limited amount of uploaded images per day.

In the manifesto you wrote about
“another one-year performance”.
What else have you done for one year?

I have been searching with “Google” publicly for one year.
This performance started on January 1st and finished on December 31st, 2011.

Some links: the site of the “Google” performance, a page that lists all search queries of this year, and the site of the collaborative one-week edition that took place during transmediale 2012.

Where are these screenshots saved on the iPhone?

The screenshots of the Apple apps are located here

The screens of the third-party are can be found here

The screens are deleted when an app is closed (with the ×).
In case you see obfuscated folder names instead of the app's name, I suggest to turn obfuscation off with iFile by Carsten Heinelt.

What is an One-Year Performance?

The term “One-Year Performance” has been coined in the 1970s by Tehching Hsieh, a Taiwanese performance artist (his Homepage and Wikipedia page). Of his own free will Hsieh spent one year captured in a wooden cage, punched a time clock every hour on the hour for one year, or spent one year entirely outside of any building.

What is not shown?

Apps that do not remember their last state do not make screenshots. This is why you will not find screens of Cydia, iBlacklist, Passage, Regen Vorschau, and T-Mobile Kundencenter in the stream. The Apple timer also does not make screenshots.

And neither I show my home screen, lock screen (though it slipped in here), message center, nor activities between pressing the home button.

Is there an app for that?

Kind of. Open this page on your mobile and save a bookmark to your home screen to see the mobile version of this site.

Which phone numbers do you use during the performance?

In Germany: +49 151 54675635 (current)
In South Korea: +82 10-6849-9490